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for personal empowerment


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Imagine being able to do powerful, highly accurate, and very illuminating Tarot readings for yourself, whenever you need them for clarity in your life, or in your business, or in your relationships….

Increasingly, people are turning to Tarot not just to have their fortunes told, but to provide themselves with clarity, direction, and confidence. They’re looking for something that will help them become and remain focused, directed, and motivated so they can achieve the goals and intentions they’ve set for themselves – despite the ever increasing political, social, and economic chaos that’s occurring these days. 

Now, we all know about Tarot as a form of fortune-telling, as a way to get answers to questions like:

……..~ ~ Am I going to meet the man/woman of my dreams?

……..~ ~ Will he/she come back to me?

……..~ ~ Will I sell my house?

……..~ ~ When will I get a promotion?

……..~ ~ Will I get married/have kids?

Did you know that Tarot is also brilliant for general day-to-day guidance and advice. For answering tarot deckquestions like:

……..~ ~ What advice do you have for me today?

……..~ ~ What do I need to do today to show up fully as me?

……..~ ~ What should I be aware of that I’m not seeing today?

           ~ What’s blocking me, preventing me from moving forward with this project or manifestation?

          ~ How can I become successful with this project or manifestation?

These are the types of questions that can help keep us on track and moving forward with our lives in ways that help us create the life we crave. But going to a Tarot reader on a daily basis just isn’t practical, 

Learning how to read and apply Tarot for yourself, in your life, your business, your relationships is an effective path to personal growth, development, and empowerment. 

Below are a few examples of ways that reading Tarot can help you manifest your desires, and create what you crave:


Personal Empowerment

  • more effective decision making
  • increased confidence
  • increased trust in yourself
  • greater levels of clarity around who you are, and what your choices are 

Personal Transformations

  • increased clarity around what your next steps should be
  • identifying inspired actions
  • plotting potential outcomes
  • identifying and overcoming blocks and obstacles
  • a greater awareness of what you might not be seeing or aware of  


  • identifying and crafting a profile of who your ideal client is
  • making informed choices
  • comparing potential outcomes
  • identifying which projects to focus on
  • expanding options and opportunities  


  • with business partners
  • as a part of community groups
  • issues with friends and family
  • connecting with Spirits
  • connecting with your Higher Self
  • manifesting a love partner

Creativity and Writing

  • expanding your capacity to be creative
  • helping develop characters and plots
  • providing guidance and ideas for journaling

Wisdom + Magic Tarot

Wisdom + Magic Tarot consists of two parts. The first part is The Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment course.

The Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment course provides you  with the information you’ll need to read Tarot cards by and for yourself.

This 5 Module digital course is self-directed but there is an accompanying FaceBook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback on your readings, and more. By the end of The Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment course, you will be able to:

  • understand keywords for each card
  • identify and understand symbols and how to interpret them in Tarot
  • understand the 4 Elements and their influence on Tarot suits
  • understand Tarot Numerology, particularly as it applies to the Minor Arcana
  • pose powerful questions in order to receive meaningful information from the cards
  • read and create Tarot Spreads
  • complete a 3-card Tarot reading


The second part of Wisdom + Magic Tarot is the Tarot Alchemy monthly membership.

You don’t need to complete the Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment course in order to become a member of Tarot Alchemy, but you do need to be a systems reader of Tarot Cards. You need to be familiar with Tarot keywords, the structure of Tarot, and how to read the stories told by Tarot spreads. 

The Tarot Alchemy membership picks up where the Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment course leaves off.

The Tarot Alchemy membership is where we begin to combine Tarot with Magic and Manifesting to create Magickal Manifesting techniques. Here we explore amazing ways that Tarot connects and combines and blends with magic techniques like Sigils and Spells and Talismans, and with manifesting techniques like Act As If and Immersion, in ways that support our being magical active participants in the co-creation of our life, of our prosperity, of our well-being. 

Tarot Self-Directed Course

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tarot Alchemy – the Membership ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Foundation of Tarot for Personal Empowerment Course

  • the Fool’s Journey
  • Card Archetypes and meanings
  • the Life Lessons each card has for us to explore in our life
  • learn some powerful Tarot spreads
  • Symbols, Colours and more to interpret
  • Reading and Creating Spreads 
  • Asking Powerful Questions 

Tarot Beyond the Basics

  • Finding Yourself in Tarot.
  • Tarot Mandalas
  • Tarot and Mediumship
  • Tarot and Intuition
  • Tarot and the Elements.

Tarot and Magick

  • Tarot and the four elements
  • Tarot Magick
  • Tarot and Talismans and Charms
  • Tarot and Sigils
  • Tarot and Spells

Tarot and Manifesting:

  • gaining clarity
  • identifying Inspired Actions
  • identifying and overcoming blocks and obstacles
  • identifying authentic alignments
  • maintaining focus and momentum

Other Applications:

  • Tarot and Entrepreneurship
  • Tarot and Writing
  • Tarot and Creativity
  • Tarot and Writing

The wisdom + magic tarot membership $27 (USD) per month. 

Membership Registration opens August 1, 2021 and closes August 31, 2021.

Sessions begin September 1, 2021.

wisdom + magic tarot


is for anyone who:

…….. ~ is looking for clarity in their day-to-day life

…….. ~ wants to make better, more aligned decisions on a daily, ongoing basis

…….. ~ wants to develop their intuition, and /or psychic abilities

…….. ~ enjoys exploring new ways to engage personal growth and development

…….. ~ is going through a major transformation in their life or their business (retirement, shifting from employee to entrepreneur…) and wants some additional guidance and support, someone who wants to be able to explore options before making physical changes in their life

…….. ~ is not sure what they want to do with the rest of their life, but they know they are ready for a major change or transformation 

……. ~ enjoys manifesting and are looking for ways and techniques to amp up their manifesting abilities

…….. ~is interested in learning how to apply Tarot to their daily life for personal growth and empowerment, for business building, for creativity, and for so much more…


The Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment Course includes: 

…….~ 5 Modules, each Module containing between 3 and 5 Lessons 

……..~ Go at your own pace, in your own time flexibility

……..~ All videos, audios, and pdf files are downloadable

……..~ Exercises to help you implement Tarot into your daily life

……..~ a Facebook group where you can access support and accountability

The Tarot Alchemy Membership Includes:

~ Two Tarot Learning Labs every month, 

~ One live Question and Answer Session every month, 

~ One Challenge or Exercise to complete every month

~ One Co-Working Session per month

~ pdf notes to download

~ all Live sessions are held over Zoom

~ Facebook group for additional support and accountability

The wisdom + magic tarot membership is available on a monthly basis:

The wisdom + magic tarot membership is $27. (USD) per month. You can cancel your membership at any time.


The wisdom + magic tarot membership

will be opening its door on August 1st, 2021

with sessions beginning September 1st, 2021

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